“Susan Woldman, a New York City-based artist, brings her Susan Woldman sensibility as a sculptor into her paintings. Thickly textured impasto surfaces combine with landscape imagery to create depth, movement, and light. Inspired by form rather than color, Woldman always begins with texture, digging her hands into a thick gel medium to create marks and symbols on the canvas before she paints.

The recent recipient of the Kuniyoshi Painting Grant, Susan has studied at The Art Students League, received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, studied sculpture in Lacoste, France, and received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Susan has exhibited extensively over the years in New York City¬†and throughout the United States.”


Acrylic on Canvas 60″ x 144″ (triptych)
Buy a painting of a lake called Rain.


Acrylic on Canvas 72″ x 48″
Buy a painting of boats on the lake called Sails.


Acrylic on Canvas 48″ x 60″ SOLD