The MacFineArt Curated Collection is a unique approach to displaying art using Web 2.0 tools. Buyers come here to purchase items that they might not find anywhere else.
Everything listed for sale on MacFineArt must be unique works produced by you, exclusively.

By uploading descriptions and images of works here you agree:

  • All works described are made or designed by you. Work done by a partnership or team, part of a collective or group, do not qualify for being uploaded here. The artist must be singluar and unambiguous.
  • You must use your own photographs, photographs you have full rights to use. You cannot use not stock photos, artistic renderings, or photos used by other sellers or sites.
    If disagreements occur over violations of copyright, licensing, trademarks, or origniality occur, you assume all liability and agree to indemnify MacFineArt.
  • You affirm that you assume all responsibility and liability for damages and costs arising from exclusivity disagreements, copyright claims, licensing issues, trademark disagreements or similar legal challenges to origniality and ownership.
  • You agree not to use images of similar items or works in place of the actual item being promoted.
  • You affirm that you are the current owner of the item, and can not upload works already sold.
  • You affirm that works being shown must be a real-world item and cannot be a purely digital work. The items dimensions must be described as shipped.
  • You understand that all custom item listings must be available for purchase, and will only display items available for purchase. Each custom listing must have a set price.
  • The works cannot be illegal goods, made from illegal goods, or take the appearance of illegal goods.
  • No food products can be shown. No perishable organic materials, or materials requiring special storage, may be used in any part of the works shown.
  • Nothing flammable or dangerous can be shown. Subject matter must comply with decency standards of the State of Florida, USA.
  • The curator, MacFineArt, or designated agents of MacFineArt may decide at any time, for any reason they’re not under obligation to disclose, to exclude a participant artist or any individual work from the Curated Collection.
  • Submission of works does not guarantee exposure.
  • You agree to remove any artwork at any time it’s found to violate any other agreements or terms between MacFineArt (AJ Art Services Inc. ) and the artist or any third parties.
  • You agree that you are responsible for removing artwork as it becomes unavailable or when you decide it shouldn’t be shown.
  • You allow MacFineArt remove you or any of your art work submitted at any time, without cause or restriction. All work shown appears subject to MacFineArt’s arbitrary discretion.
  • You agree to assume all responsibility and liability for damages and costs arising from exclusivity disagreements.