Thoughts on Minimalism – Clara Berta

As a contemporary abstract artist living and working in the heart of Los Angeles, I am surrounded by inspiration. From the beauty of the Pacific to the amazing sunsets, with a studio just blocks from the vibrant wholesale flower market, and adjacent building-size murals created by the worlds’ leading street artists, there is beauty in all directions. I am sometimes powered by the energy, but I also feel the need to create a counterbalance to it, which has led me to my latest series titled Minimalism.

In this new body of work, which I believe is my strongest and most personal to date, I have begun a style of painting that imparts a sense of serenity and healing through its’ calming Zen properties. My Minimalism series is partially inspired by the simplicity of the “less is more” philosophy of renowned twentieth-century German architect, Mies van der Rohe. But more than that, it is a personal expression of my spirituality and my desire to explore art as a healing tool, for both myself and my collectors. My mission is to share my art with people who desire a serene environment, whether it is their home or office. Bringing beauty and peaceful art into one’s space helps to heal and quiet a cluttered mind – that is my arts’ purpose. Many of my newest collectors are on a spiritual path, and they say they love how my art makes them feel. I am blessed to be able to create that kind of soothing atmosphere for them.

My favorite inspirations often begin with the splendor of of nature and especially the ocean, as evident in my recent “Fifty Shades of Blue” collection, which began the entire Minimalism series.  I visit the beach In Santa Monica fairly often, mesmerized by the crashing waves and the variety of sea life that often surprise me. There is nothing quite like watching the dolphins surf, or catching a glimpse of fish amid a tangle of seaweed.

Through this interaction with nature, I have found the ability to be completely free, and have learned to let go of emotions or any pre-conceived outcome in my paintings. I have learned about patience and acceptance, and how to slow down in both my life and my practice. My work now expresses both my playful side, and the more serious part of my personality that appears following introspection, as I create freely and subconsciously what my mind and heart desire. The tranquil quality of this series has a definite calming effect on all who see it. I am grateful to be able to share this with my collectors.

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