tico_portrait1-smTico “The Hitman” Torres is best known as the internationally famed drummer in iconic rock band, Bon Jovi. The group has been recording and touring for the past twenty plus years, with record sales well in excess of one hundred million and still growing.

Prior to joining Bon Jovi at the band’s inception in 1983, Tico’s musical expertise was parlayed in a solid career with live and studio drum and percussion experience performing with such greats as Miles Davis, Cher, Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, Leslie Gore, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks and Franke and the Knockouts.

As well as an accomplished talent in music, Tico excels as a creative visual artist. His artwork has been exhibited with a resounding success since 1994 in galleries and museums around the world. Most paintings and sculptures have been inspired by his vast life experiences and world travels. Unable to linger long with one style or medium, Torres has mastered all areas of the arts. Not limiting his creativity exclusively to painting, Tico has created works in bronze, ceramics and glass…

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Tico is an incredibly versatile painter; his styles change and evolve as his talent grows. Many of his works are reminiscent of the German Expressionist painters of the 30′s, while others range from classical to abstract in nature.

Among Tico’s favorite pastimes is his passion for golf, consistently participating in celebrity pro-ams locally and internationally. His affinity for the sport is exquisitely showcased with his 1996 creation, “The Majors Collection;” a group of professional golfer’s life cast hand grips including; Arnold palmer, gary player, jack Nicklaus, ernie else, nick faldo, nick price, seve ballesteros and john daly. This collection expanded to professional tennis and billy jean king uses her grip as her tournament trophy to this day. The revenue generated from all sales benefits charity.

In 2001, Torres created children’s hip clothing and apparel line, Rock Star Baby, which accredited him with a vh-1 new designer of the year award. Rock Star Baby is manufactured in Germany and sold internationally.

In 2008, the Tico Torres Children Foundation was formed. This Not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 charity was developed to assist children in need to fight hunger, disease, homelessness, neglect, abuse and illness.

Tico resides in south Florida with his wife and son.

Wall Mural

Quote from Tico: “My Cuba” was created for my family and those that lost their homes and were separated from friends and family. The Ideals in the beginning were welcomed with the open arms along with Che’s thoughts for change, but that soon evaporated. The wall represents the deterioration of time without country. With the hopes and desires of the Cuban Ideal in its painful graffiti…. “HOPE”


The chiaroscuro nudes are at the soul of Tico Torres’ art…he approaches each nude from a distinctive point of view; some are classic, timeless narratives, others are sensually stirring works and yet some are so raw and primal they move us to our core. In Tico’s hands, the fleeting, imperfect, and fragile condition of nakedness gains a noble immortality and a level of perfection that transcends its mere physicality. In his latest nudes, Tico strives to depict the inner peace he has achieved of late. Many of his major paintings are inspired by the two most important women in his life, his mother and grandmother. One extremely important nude is a piece called “Dora” based on Nicoletta Braschi’s character in the film Life Is Beautiful.

Icons & Characters

Tico is an incredibly versatile painter; his styles change and evolve as his life experience grow. He absorbs every person, place and experience in his amazing life’s journey and then brings these characters and surroundings alive on his canvases; complete with all the nuance and emotion that inspired him to paint them in the first place. We experience Tico’s world and journey through his unique visual dialog, sometimes playful and whimsical and sometimes fragile and sensitive and sometimes profound and moving. Whether he is painting one of his quirky characters, an iconic question mark or a historical or cultural figure; Tico infuses his subjects with a humanity and vulnerability unlike any other contemporary artist.

Angst & Ecstasy

Tico’s art sometimes draws us into the deepest caverns of our souls; his works inspires some of our most intense memories and emotions many of which are beautifully painful. He blurs the line between ecstasy and anguish to reveal images that exist on the edge of the human condition and the truth that only those images can reveal. Critics maintain that his intense style and raw emotion are reminiscent of the German Expressionist styles of Bacon and Munch. At the same time, Tico’s manages to accomplish all of this is a very unique painterly style; imbuing his canvasses with rich color, surface texture and sublime composition.


Tico Torres Curriculum Vitae


  • New York, NY: Ambassador Galleries, April 1995 and June 1996
  • Cleveland, OH: Art Avenue Galleries, January 20, 1996
  • Henderson, NV: Art Avenue Galleries, March 1996
  • Palm Beach, FL: Miami City Ballet Artist’s Circle, March 1997
  • Palm Beach, FL: Frankel Galleries, July 1997
  • Palm Beach, FL: Art de Tico, February 1998
  • Washington D.C: Presentation of Art to Steven Spielberg – Holocaust Museum, March 1998
  • South Hampton, NY: Salvo Fine Art, July 1998
  • London, UK: Benihana Private Exhibition, July 1998
  • Germany: Jonathan Poole Gallery, July 1998
  • Ft. Collins, CO: Walnut Street Galleries, August 1998
  • New York, NY: Tennis Week Magazine, US Open, September 1998
  • Newport, RI: Permanent Display, International Tennis Hall of Fame, December 1998
  • Tokyo, Japan: Starbright Foundation, Asian Traveling Exhibition, January 1999
  • Aspen, CO: Loeb / Robbins Gallery, March 1999
  • Coral Gables, FL: Hispanic Museum of Art, December 1999
  • Southfield, MI: The Art of Rock n Rolling, Park West Gallery, June 2004
  • Ft Collins, CO: Walnut Street Galleries, March 2008


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