Twyla Gettert: Bits & Pieces at The Frank Gallery

Artist Twyla Gettert will be one of five artists featured in The Frank’s latest exhibition, Bits & Pieces.

“Bits & Pieces analyzes the practice of collage –as both technique and conceptual framework- in the unexpected context of a virtual space. The exhibition presents layered ideas, lamination of contrasting styles, and paintings within paintings. Titillating compositions challenge traditional conceptions of compositions and leave you to consider the rapport between utility and sentimentality.

Join us each week as we unveil bits and pieces of this inquiry into fragmented imagery, and the medium and methodology of collage.”

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Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 36″


Acrylic on Canvas 72″ x 48″


Mixed Media on Canvas 60″ x 48″


Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 36″