McFarland explores, with her unusual pouring technique, a dialog with colours, shapes and angles. Intuitive, by nature, she creates work that evokes an emotional response in her viewers. She is guided often by her choice of music in her studio.  We can readily see the six elements of music, rhythm, dynamics, melody (the theme), tone, texture and form that are masterfully interpreted on her canvasses. Typically, she will pick a song and let the rhythm become part of the design process.   

When designing, the negative (white) space is equally important to me as the colours I select. Knowing the direction and the scale of the flow sets the theme of the piece. After the first pour, I construct the composition from there”.

The artist loves the boundless freedom of letting go of preconceived ideas; allowing her intuition to dictate the process. She describes this as “pouring her heart out”.  One can readily see the mastery she has achieved. The technique is so difficult that it is often seen as easy. Quite the opposite.  Like the prima ballerina spinning on her toes, the experience is breathtaking; perceived as so clean and simple, yet thousands of hours have gone into perfecting the skill.

“I am rewarded by being able to express my feelings in a piece of art. I liken the experience to a runner’s high which many artists feel. To cross the ‘finish line’ as I bring a painting to its conclusion brings me the greatest joy.  My heartfelt wish is to pass along the full range of emotions on canvas and paper to the viewer.”


Acrylic on Canvas 84″ x 56″