January Featured Artist – John La Huis

MAC Art Galleries is proud to present a selection of artwork by John La Huis.

John La Huis’ work emerges from a concept of addition and subtraction of colors, hues and materials, which are both the tools and the byproduct.  An original idea initiates the process but can either be discarded completely or simply become a fragment of the finished piece. In this way his work is wholly abstract.

The original idea comes accompanied by a visual reference yet often ends in something that transforms the referenced idea.  An unexpected form emerges pushing through and creates balance. The final concept prevails as part and parcel of the reduction of the first idea.

All is thrust forward but viewed with distrust. Color is used with reservation. 

By way of instinct his work is sculptural. As the work progresses it morphs through an evolution of its own, and having mass, a fight ensues between two and three dimensions.

The discovery of new mediums and materials such as epoxy resins, fiberglass, tar, and other unusual elements, have inspired him to create a language through exploration.

La Huis’ approach is at once serious and intricate while simple and naïve as his art.  He has dedicated the last fifteen years exploring various mediums: drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting.

Painting is his predominate practice; it’s all important and hard work for him.

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