Working Heroes: At Aventura Hospital

We live in unprecedented times. The COVID19 pandemic continues to take a huge toll on our world. While the future, as always, is uncertain we have seen new ways of relating emerge. Communities have come together in creative new ways with the help of technology, art, music and dance. We are more aware of our connection to each other than perhaps at any other point in modern history. Our awareness has stretched past our own “bubbles” and connected us to those who serve our communities with amazing courage, dedication and skill.

Creating art is Flavio’s way of coping, expressing his emotions and sharing his thoughts. In his new WORKING HEROES series, he introduces us to some of the people whose stories have touched his heart. He chose to illustrate these super-humans in his iconic Galvan POP Art style honed over the past 30 years of painting.

We’re Doing This! – Acrylic, Oil Ink on Panel – 36 x 48″

MAC Art has teamed up with Flavio Galvan to celebrate those working on the frontlines. Painting  nurses, doctors, postal workers, police officers and firemen in his iconic Pop Art style, Flavio creates uplifting and powerful snapshots of these Working Heroes.

Each original painting is created with acrylic paint and oil ink, and with MAC Art, Flavio has also created a line of fine art prints of his series. Proceeds from this series go to benefit HCA Hope Fund aid those in need.

Frontline Hero – Acrylic, Oil Ink on Panel – 36 x 48″

Stay Safe – Acrylic, Oil Ink on Panel – 48 x 48″

Normal Conversation – Acrylic, Oil Ink on Panel – 60 x 60″

Interest in this series exploded when NBC6 featured Flavio and his work. MAC worked with Aventura Hospital to display the paintings during Nurse’s Day, where printed t-shirts of the Working Heroes series were given to nurses and staff.

The nurse painting titled “We’re Doing This!” has become a symbol of strength and hope, and the nurses were very excited to wear and have Flavio sign them.

Flavio Galvan signs t-shirts for nurses at Aventura Hospital.