I grew up surfing in Southern California and started blowing glass in 1979. I had the privilege of studying with Italo Scanga at University of California at San Diego where I received a BFA. As a founding member of The B Team, a performance group that used hot glass, I toured the world performing in public access facilities and universities. In 2004 I earned an MFA in glass from Alfred University.

Jennifer grew up in Seneca, South Carolina and attended Rhode Island School of Design where she received a BFA in glass. Her work is conceptual in nature and currently centers on satellite imagery. She has earned two MFAs, one from Bard College in sculpture and one from Alfred University in glass.

We began working together fifteen years ago after meeting at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. With my background in performance art and her background in conceptual art there was a lot to talk about. We had a different way of looking at the medium because we didn’t always think of glass as utilitarian; it was so much bigger than that. Whether we were working together in the hot shop or independently we found a shared interest in pushing the boundaries of what was expected from glass. After completing a three -year residency at Penland School of Crafts in the mountains of North Carolina we settled nearby and set up our studio where we continue to find inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds us.​ – Thor Bueno


Small Splash

Silver and Sand Etched Blown Glass 25″ x 18″


Aqua Blush

Silver & Sand Etched Blown Glass 54″ x 52″ SOLD

Liquid Drops

Silver and Sand Etched Blown Glass 44″ x 48″ SOLD

Ocean Garnet

Silver and Sand Etched Blown Glass 38″ x 46″ SOLD


Silver & Sand Etched Blown Glass 120″ SOLD

Sea Splash

Silver and Sand Etched Blown Glass 38″ x 54″ SOLD


Silver and Sand Etched Blown Glass 48″ x 26″ SOLD