some_like_hot_special-150x150I have been dealing with MAC Fine Art Publishing since 2004. My experience has been nothing but positive. From Customer Service, Expeditious Turnarounds and Precise Printing Quality. Customer Service: Placing orders, invoices and phone calls are always handled professionally and accurately with the office staff. Turnaround: Whenever a RUSH order is required, it has not been a problem. However, MAC’s normal turnaround time would be considered a RUSH by most other companies.

Printing Quality: This is where MAC sets themselves apart from others. The color correction is as close to perfect as can be done. Reds, Blues, or any color don’t seem to be a problem. Because we do indoor and outdoor shows, varnish quality is vital. All the prints from MAC have been put through the weather tests, and we have not had one problem. The colors don’t fade, run or discolor. I believe the custom coating on the front is the cause for this ultimate protection. Also, the saturation of ink leaves you with a rich and dense coverage over the entire canvas.
I would recommend MAC Fine Art Publishing to anyone!

Scott Jacobs

Officially Licensed by:
• Harley-Davidson Motor Company • Chevrolet Motor Company • Marilyn Monroe Estates
• Elvis Presley Enterprises • Dodge Viper • Mattel Hotwheels


On-a-Clear-Day-36-x-27-150x150I am delighted to say that the superb quality of the giclee work that MAC produces is the finest I have ever encountered. The fact is the exceptional nature of the giclees, especially the ones on canvas, often rival the original with astounding accuracy. I can truly say that I have been more than satisfied with the color corrections and have never been let down by the translation from original to print. The professional and accomplished team at MAC make me confident that I can turnover the original paintings and know that the work is in the best of hands for the giclees process, and I have done so for a number of years with the best of results.

Jackie Holland Berkley

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As an artist I found working with Mac Fine Art an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. The clarity of the Giclee images I produced with them captured the qualities of the original paintings without loss of detail. They were able to produce vibrant prints in a relaxed friendly atmosphere but at the same time providing 100% professional technical support and expertise.

I will happily work with them again.
Peter Nixon



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bone8It has been a great pleasure being associated with MAC Fine Art for the past 4 years. Their reproductive work is of the highest standard as is their honesty, integrity and professionalism. Deadlines are met, quality is retained and friendships formed.

I wish MAC the very best with their future venture and look forward to another 4 years.

Well done Mary Ann and thank you!


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Get informed: Shows, Events, New Art, & New Artists

We never share your email and never will.