Galerie Ground

MAC at
Galerie Ground

Fine Art Gallery – Los Angeles
6900 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Galerie Ground is now open in Los Angeles, CA. In a new collaborative effort, MAC Art Galleries has teamed up with Galerie Ground to show a curated roster of some of our most established artists.

Featuring Artists:

John La Huis
Maxim Lipzer
Gabriel & Angela Collazo
Kerrigan James Clark
Kris Gebhardt
Luis Garica Nerey
Alex Nuñez
Antonio Guerrero
Filippo Ioco
Andrei Petrov

“We’d be standing in the space and the designer would look at us and go, ‘What else do you have? There’s an area here that’s blank,’ or ‘This wall was bigger than it should have been.’ As artists, we’re always like, ‘Let’s create something.’ So we started to produce high-end art commissions. And then that developed into now representing artists. Officially coming up with Galerie Ground was the next step.”