The material itself is a mystery. Molten sand, at the temperature of lava, is formed with one’s breath, hand, and gravity into a delicate crystal form. Glass as a material can transmit or reflect light; it can be solid and strong or thin and fragile; it can outlive us for hundreds of years or break in an instant.

Working with the material is marvelous and a joy for me. I love the way it glows and changes hues from the metals added to create colors, to the light it shines from the heat and temperatures. Working with glass is being a part of it, being one with it. This present joy I believe transfers into the pieces we are working on. With its unique properties and beauty, a single glass piece can transform a room.

I raised silkworms as a child, and I became enamored by the life cycle of butterflies, woven patterns of light, and the transition from nourished safety to flying freely. My ideas emerge from this idea of nesting, growing, and the presence of now. Glass resonates in any space, light brings a presence to the room, and color captures a feel to the area. Together and with intention, I love using design to enhance any space to its fullest potential. I use glass to bring people into their space fully, presently, and with joy.

– Carlyn Ray