Warriors on Water

Fort Lauderdale Art Walk


Artwalk on Saturday, July 27th was an exciting event! We had a wonderful and diverse turn out and we really enjoyed getting to see so many of you there. It was a great chance to feature our artists and some of their captivating large-scale works. 

We were able to talk with some of you about some of our favorite pieces throughout the gallery. It was great to hear what you had to say and see the artwork through your eyes for a fresh perspective. Many of your comments were insightful and you saw things the artists themselves were hoping to portray. 

If we had a chance to chat with you, thank you so much for being willing to share your thoughts with us during Artwalk. We put together a video of the event featuring your thoughts and comments.

Here is a little more information about our featured artists for those that weren’t able to make the event. (Or even those who did and want to know more.)

Sara Conca: Sara is a contemporary abstract artist. She’s lived all over the world and the places she had loved to live heavily influence her artwork. Sara has spent time in artistically inspirational places like Paris and New York City. Her chance to grow as an artist while living in those locations is evident in all of her work. 

Sara has been inspired by living in Florida and is currently creating some amazing “aquatic mystical” paintings with mixed mediums. She’s been able to incorporate raw silver dust and 18k gold leafing, raw color pigments, mica flakes, and even natural crystals. 

Sara says of her artwork:

“My work is intended to instantaneously immerse the viewer into the visual and emotional energies that I have devoted to each piece. Depending on one’s ability and willingness to be guided by the senses, these paintings can lead one away from the mind and into an alternate and self-made reality filled with color and feeling. 

My new series features gold. I love working with this color because it changes in the light and I can manipulate the textures and layering; thus affording each piece movement and energy from the reflecting and refracting light.” 

Dinesh Boaz: Dinesh’s photographic art stands out as amazing because of the amount of heart and innovative ideas he puts into each and every shot. His aerial photos are captured from a helicopter and feature images shot from all over the world. 

Dinesh realized how much he loved visual arts while mixing music in Soho. He felt more drawn to the visualization of the music and started to develop his photographic skills from there. His current collection, which was featured at this July’s Art Walk, features images taken throughout 2016-2019 spending over 25 hours in the helicopter he uses to take his amazing photos.

Dinesh says of his work:

“What I hope to achieve through my work,  is a shared view of the world in a mutually inspired experience.  While I might play the role of orchestrator and purveyor of images of the journey through these landscapes, my hope is that the viewer can experience the same feelings of inspiration, calm and positive energy I feel in the helicopter cockpit at 1000 feet.”

John La Huis: John uses abstract manipulation of colors to create his artwork. He adds and subtracts colors working with an idea that may start one way and end up being presented entirely differently when everything is finished. 

He spends time working on each piece carefully using color or taking color away until it’s exactly  the visual & emotional balance he is trying to achieve. John uses art to explore language and often incorporates various mediums including epoxy resins and even tar. 

John says of his art:

“My work emerges from a concept of addition and subtraction of colors, hues, and materials, which are both the tools and the byproduct.  An original idea initiates the process but can either be discarded completely or simply become a fragment of the finished piece. In this way, my work is wholly abstract.”

Gudrun Newman: Gudrun is one of the most successful Icelandic artists to grace the art community in quite some time. Her artwork is abstract or abstract figurative and features everything from elongated figures to minimalistic designs.

Gundrun’s painting abilities have given her the chance to grow her art career beyond the gallery she once owned and showcased her artwork in. The demand for her paintings has grown so much that Gundrun now dedicates herself to painting full-time and travels between Iceland and Florida both studying and creating art. 

Gudrun says of her art:

“My brushes and pallet knife strike the canvas and explore many aspects of my artistic vision. The color selection I use brings out my inventive stylized form and each piece of work I create is a reflection of my own personal experience that I hope has special meaning to others. I am only the instrument holding the brush and applying the paint, everything else happens on its own.”

Angela And Kris Gebhardt: Angela and Kris are an amazing couple who have created a life based around art that is bold and unapologetic. They are both individually talented artists and each of them has created their own uniquely conceived style and body of work. Their work is known to incorporate many layers of work & materials and seem almost like anthropological creations depicting their struggles as well as their successes.

They both produce large scale pieces that feature candid depictions of the human condition, revealing pain, heartache, and the search for strength. Kris and Angela create works that are truthful to the beauty you see in daily life. Nothing too polished, but rather things that look like they’ve lived a real-life full of a range of emotions.

Kris says of their art:

“Most pieces feature strength and beauty, but it’s not sugar-coated; it’s knocked around a bit just like life. We paint a lot of reality on our canvases. Even in its roughest form, you can still see the integration of strength and beauty.”

Theresa Girard: Theresa presents works that show a lot of emotion in their restraint.  Her use of color and form allows her to create canvases that are infused with both tension and harmony. She creates an artistic world where simple shapes and strokes convey a whole range of emotions and moods. Theresa’s quiet abstract pieces are known to leave a powerful and lasting impression on the viewer. 

Theresa has been called a “painter’s painter” suggesting that her artwork speaks to even those who are already heavily involved in creating art themselves. Not a feat everyone can accomplish. Theresa has studios in both Florida and Rhode Island and calls her current collection “defined and obscured.”

Bette Ridgeway: Bette’s large-scale works featuring luminous poured canvases have recently garnered international attention. Known for playfully using color and light Bette creates works that often leave the viewer wondering exactly how she accomplished the piece. 

Combining her training as a watercolorist with a unique technique using acrylic paints she developed herself, Bette creates works that are sure to leave an impression on anyone who views them. She’s spent over 30 years perfecting the art techniques she uses to create her masterpieces.

Bette says of her art:

“Layering color on a variety of surfaces with transparent color combinations presents me with incredible challenges along with very deep rewards.”

Gabriel & Angela Collazo: A couple that has been together for over 15 years, Gabriel and Angela each use their unique talents together to create works that are collaborations. Angela uses her innate gifts as an designer to bring a new sense of style, scale, and color to each piece. 

Gabriel uses his talents as a visual artist to bring each piece they create a sense of purpose, texture, and layers. Together they truly shine and make something that will never be reproduced without each other’s set of talents combined.

Gabriel says of their art:

“Somebody is going to pass by our artwork and keep walking or they will stop and seek a relationship with us. They will want to own that love, a blessed work of art full of positive energy, and display it in their home so they can bathe in that loving energy every day.”

Maxim Lipzer: Maxim takes styles of old-world master artists and translates them to his unique more illustrative style. His works feature bright colors that boldly cover the canvas and move almost playfully throughout the pieces he creates. Maxim initially started out thinking he would go into illustration and graphic design. 

Although he’s been drawn to create paintings now, his early days of being inspired by comic book illustrations are still evident in his artwork and the colors he chooses to use on his canvases. Maxim currently lives in South America and has art featured all around the world.

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Thank You So Much!

It was so great to see everyone who could make it out to the Art Walk this past July. We truly did enjoy the time we were able to spend with all of you who came!  If you weren’t able to make it in July, please don’t hesitate to join us on August 31st from 6-9pm for our August Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale. We are looking forward to it!