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As a young boy in Argentina, Maxim Lipzer used to make his own comic book with his friends, turning paper and glue creations into works of art with his illustrations. As he grew older, Maxim’s interest in graphic design expanded, as did his interest in painting.

Though Maxim originally intended to enter the world of graphics and illustration, his life changed dramatically after he met and studied with the artist Patricia Pollito in his native Buenos Aires. Besides working with him on technique and artistry, Pollito introduced Maxim to the great masters of the modern age such as Matisse and Picasso.

Maxim describes how a whole world opened before him as he gained knowledge of the twentieth century artistic tradition. This experience obviously had a strong impact on Maxim, for at the age of eighteen, after studying with Pollito, he decided to leave Argentina and move to Miami to pursue a career in painting.

When asked about artistic inspiration, Maxim makes it clear that his canvases are glimpses of his own private interpretation of the outside world. The viewer becomes privy to the events that take place in his mind…

Maxim’s concern however, is not in telling a story. He insists that the feelings and emotion that exist behind and motivate an artwork have more significance for him than the subject of that artwork. Scholars have said that Picasso’s art reached a point where it could no longer be read as an image of the external world; it’s a world all of it’s own.

In the tradition of the greatest artistic minds of this century, Maxim has set out to discover his own world. His paintings are expressions of what he finds along that exploration. Maxim believes that the meaning of an artwork speaks first to the artist, then conveys itself to the viewer. As we gaze upon Maxim’s paintings, we gain some insight into this enigmatic artist’s experiences, moods and sensations. We then realize how these same elements are reflected in our own lives.

Maxim currently resides in South America, where he continues to immerse himself in the works of the old world masters and translate these techniques into his own illustrative style.



Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 71″


Acrylic on Canvas 84″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 71″ x 55″
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Mixed Media on Canvas 57″ x 71″
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Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 55″
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Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 55″
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Mixed Media on Canvas 72″ x 55″ SOLD


Acrylic on Canvas 70″ x 57″


Acrylic on Canvas 82″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Acrylic on Canvas 55″ x 55″


Oil on Canvas 67″ x 51″ SOLD


Oil on Canvas 67″ x 51″ SOLD


Oil on Canvas 51″ x 67″ SOLD


Oil on Canvas 51″  x 40″


Oil on Canvas 67″ x 51″ SOLD


Mixed Media on Canvas 68″ x 53″


Mixed Media on Canvas 48″ x 40″


Mixed Media on Canvas 40″ x 60″


Mixed Media on Canvas

Green M

Mixed Media on Canvas 39″ x 29″ inches SOLD