Meet Alex Nuñez – VoyageMIA Interview

Meet Alex Nuñez – VoyageMIA Interview

Alex Nuñez is a Cuban-American mixed media painter from Miami, FL. She received her BA from Loyola University, New Orleans in 2006 after which she completed international workshops at Firenze Arti Visive, Florence and Metàfora, Barcelona. In 2009 Nuñez received her Post-baccalaureate diploma from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. In 2012, Nuñez earned her MFA from Hunter College, New York where she was awarded the C12 Emerging Artist Fellowship. She moved back to Miami in 2016 where she is currently a resident artist at Fountainhead Studios. She hosts a monthly podcast “Sunday Painter”. Every second Tuesday night at 8 PM EST broadcasted with Jolt Radio and begins a residency next month at the Deering Estate.

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Nuñez’s practice concentrates on the amalgamation of pop culture and personal image hoarding— ranging from appropriated images from vintage magazines to comic books—with explosions of color, texture, and sheen. Bursting with iridescent pigments, pastel chalk, glitter, confetti, pompoms, candy, and banana peels, Nuñez’s compositions become immersive environments that play on memory, erosion, overindulgence, disorientation, humor, vanity, narcissism, and opulence. Integral to her creative process is music; whether it be through source imagery or visual inspiration by way of audio stimulation. – VoyageMIA Interview