Mount Dora Arts Festival Poster By Jackie Holland Berkley


by Mike Miller

I attended the 36th Annual Mount Dora Arts Festival this afternoon (2-5-2011) and as always had a great time looking at art, ogling pretty girls, and eating art festival food.

It rained a couple of times during the afternoon, but the crowd’s spirits were not too severely dampened. When it does rain, there are plenty of places to duck in for shelter under the many artist’s tents.

My art show food today consisted of a lovely arepa (a toasted cornbread sandwich with a melted mozarella cheese interior), jerk chicken (from Prestige Caribbean Foods on Hiawassee Road in Orlando), a nicely grilled Nathan’s hot dog with yellow mustard, and a cup of coffee from the Village Coffee Pot and another from the volunteers at the Congregational Church on Donnelly Street.

I splurged and spent $20 on a nice long sleeve shirt with the art show poster on the front. This years poster was by local artist Jackie Holland Berkley. She refers to this poster as her “quirky interpretation of three white boathouses. I don’t know much about art, but I know I like Jackie’s poster.

Best art was a tossup between several artists. I liked the jewelry made by Harriet Forman-Barrett of New Paltz, New York. I also liked the bright primary colors of painter John Booth of Minneapolis.

Best looking girl I saw was about 6 foot 4 inches tall and I’d guess in her late twenties, perfectly proportioned in well fitting jeans, with long strawberry blond reddish hair. She moved gracefully among the crowd, and I wasn’t the only old guy who noticed her either.

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