Vicente Dopico-Lerner Solo Show at RosettaStone Gallery: March 5, 2014



MAC Fine Art, in conjunction with RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery, is pleased to invite you to a solo exhibition of artworks by world renown artist Vicente Dopico-Lerner. Come enjoy the atmosphere and refreshments, and have the unique opportunity to meet this rare artistic genius at the show’s opening on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at the RosettaStone Gallery in Jupiter, Florida.

Vicente Dopico-Lerner

Born in Havana, Cuba, Vicente Dopico-Lerner has lived in Miami and has traveled throughout the Caribbean since 1965.

As a museum artist, the intriguing works of Dopico-Lerner have captivated viewers for decades. His watercolors on paper and oil on canvas paintings have expressive and symbolic clues to the inner psyche. Restless spirals lose and then gain clarity as the artist spontaneously creates a statement of emotions. His figures and faces convey both human and animal characteristics which are open to the universe.

“The work of Vicente Dopico-Lerner takes place at a crossroad where the encounter between reality and it’s abstraction seem to search for each other in a continuous play of illusions.”

Click here to see more of his work on his gallery page.

RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery

“Promoting and selling other artists work has been a long time vision and a true love affair for as long as I can remember. Being a full-time professional artist for over forty years, it has never been enough to sell and promote only my own work. Thus, when I was only twenty-six years old, I founded my first gallery. Touchstone Gallery was and is today one of the premiere cooperative galleries in the country. It was established in the heart of gallery row, right off of Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. When I moved to Florida, I founded Frenchman’s Art Gallery and Studios, which was a membership gallery that lasted for more than a decade. My first foray into a full-fledged retail gallery came when I opened RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery in 2005.”
-JoAnne Berkow, Owner

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