ARTIST TOUR | Lenore Gimpert


Beige Tutu by Lenore Gimpert 

Lenore Gimpert of color and courage

Gimpert has painted luxury down to a science. Her works are illustrious and delicate whole displaying an opulence a collector wants to be a part of. Her paintings are a romanticized classical and historical banter of persistence and beauty. She has painted since she could pick up a pencil so it was only right she would carry her passion for art and creativity into the rest of her lifetime. She has worked for decades to define her craft and find her voice. 

She is namely an abstract expressionist artist but found a compulsion to paint Tutu’s.This series speaks to freedom and joy. Consider the prima ballerina, leaving gravity behind as she embodies all that it means to feel and move unobstructed. 

Gimpert’s works wake up one’s enthusiasm about life, one’s desires for the beautiful, and a magnetism to smile, take heart and be light.  The playfulness of Gimperts use of color splattering, dripping, and texturizing with whatever calls to be used, is part and parcel of the courage of her signature works. 

Pink Tutu

Mixed Media on Paper 60″ x 40″ *